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Rob’s Gift

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rob Andreozzi had a quick smile, a dry wit and a firm handshake.

An accomplished martial artist, he had an array of national and world titles. He had multiple certifications in sports and fitness and had a gift for bringing out the best in those he coached.

Rob had a beautiful wife, an adoring child and a mother and sister who loved him to the moon and back. What he didn't have was time.

Rob left this world on February 21st 2018, leaving a hole in the hearts of many. He also left an impression on those he mentored.

He began teaching at 13 years old. Children and adults alike benefited from and longed for his knowledge. Rob helped people to see their possibilities and help them become realities. It was a role he would continue throughout his life. And now, through the generosity of an outpouring of love after his passing, that role continues.

On April 9th, the Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation presented Chris Herren and The Herren Project a check for $10,000 to develop a Fund in Rob's name. In keeping with the mission of the Foundation to provide education, awareness and prevention for Substance Abuse, the Fund will honor his gift of mentoring and his love of physical fitness by supporting a Sober Living Scholarship. These monies will be used to provide mentoring and wellness avenues for those in recovery.

Early in our journey, during an interview, I was asked what I thought we needed to do in order to prevent impaired driving. I remember answering I felt until we get to the root of "why," it would be difficult to eradicate the tragedies. Our wish is that this Fund, made possible through the love of many, will help to provide the tools necessary to prevent more families from knowing the same pain and loss.

Life as you know it can change in a moment. Thank you for the change you have made in ours.