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Finding Your Voice

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday was one of those days where I knew...without question, Tori would be proud of the things accomplished in her name.

The Radisson Hotel was the site of "Finding Your Voice", a conference/workshop for caregivers and survivors. The goal of the day was to empower, to help one find their voice and the ability to express themselves. 

The continuity in the workshops helped to cement the focus. Each presentation "spoke" to those attending and each felt they left renewed, with better insight and tools to "find their voice''. A side benefit was the bonding and networking experienced by all. A new "village" was formed.

Certified Journal Facilitator and author Barbara Stahura walked each group through the therapeutic attributes of journaling. The day's success would not have been possible without members of my "village"

Kirsten O'Neill guided all with her contagious spirit through meditation and breathing techniques to build the foundation for our voice.

Dante Bellini Jr started off our session with an emotional and inspirational music video and took the group on an interactive journey of discovery. It was amazing to watch you work sir and to see the group evolve.

Lisa Oranato took the survivors on an expressive adventure where they channeled hopes, dreams and desires into a vision board.

And, Nicole O'Malley brought a rhythm to our day while we raised our voices in song.

The survivors of brain injury suffer so much more than the assault to their brain. There is inequality in awareness, acceptance and funding. Many feel like second class citizens, the untouchables and much worse..., invisible. The benefit to Finding Your Voice is enabling one with tools, with confidence and with hope - that while all brain injuries are not created equal...all people are. By Finding Your Voice and advocating for change the possibility of that happening becomes more of a reality.

With heartfelt thanks and pride,

Tori’s Mom